Choosing Your Interior Finishes – Are You Ready to Pick Your Interior Finishings?

Choosing interior finishes can be fun for some and headache for others. You have to take time off to meet with the designers and suppliers, make a whole bunch of decisions in a few hours and trust your own judgments. To make this easier, I suggest doing your research before your appointment and setting a budget. Some builders will even set up an allowance for you before your design center visit to help you stay within your budget.

Where to Gather Home Decor Ideas?

Show Homes

Show home tours can be a great way to get ideas on what you would like to do with your home. With everything accessible online nowadays, most show homes will allow you to take pictures with your smartphones so you can show them to your designer at your interior design visit. Visuals is the way to communicate what you want so there won’t be any surprises at the end.

Home Decor Magazines

Magazines are also great, gather a collection of pictures that you envision for your home and your designer and give you some pointers on how to incorporate it all for your new home. It can just be color themes, design style, or any other details that fits you. A good design is one that not only looks good, but functional for your family’s lifestyle as well.

What You Will Be Choosing at Your Design Visit


There are many profiles, material and colors to choose from for cabinets. You will probably also get a choice for the door handles as well. The kitchen is one of the biggest features of your home I strongly suggest taking the time to focus on choosing the right cabinets for your new home. Some of the essentials are pots and pans drawers and picking a nice stain for real wood like maple or oak. Soft-close is a nice feature as well if your budget allows for it. If you’re buying a spec home under construction, you may not be able to pick cabinets as these may take months before they are ready.


Granite and quartz are the two most popular types of countertops today. Granite is a natural stone and does require a little bit more maintenance. Quartz is man-made so you will get exactly what you see on the sample, unlike granite which will differ from each slab. Either type will keep the value of your home, it just comes down to which color you prefer. If you want to save some money, you can choose to just put them in your kitchen and use the more economical laminate countertops for your bathrooms and or a laundry room.


Typically, a standard tile will be included as part of the specification, other popular options are glass tile and natural stone. They come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges, but this can be easily upgraded later on your own if you don’t care for it right now. However, if you are thinking of doing a fully tiled shower, you may want to do it through the builder as this will be more difficult to do later on.Flooring

Flooring is another major item in your home, it can divide or open up rooms depending what your intent is. Another factor to think about when choosing flooring is functionality, if you have pets and children, you may want to choose laminate or a more rustic type of hardwood floor to prevent any scratches to show. Typically, a lighter color floor would be the better choice to hide scratched, but with the new technology such as engineered hardwood floors, you should be able to find a dark color one that will hold up quite well. Your designer should be able to help you out with choosing the right flooring that fits your need and taste. If not, you can always check with the supplier.


Depending on the layout of your new home, the railings can be a prominent feature in the home. If that’s the case, you would probably want to choose something nicer like maple or oak stained posts with metal spindles. Railing upgrades are on the higher end of things, but it is a good investment for resale.

Doors, Trims and Paint Colors

The style of doors, trims and paint colors can date your home. Most newer homes are on the neutral side, and if you want to customize a little more, you can always add a feature wall. Let your designer know what style of home decor you are going for, and keep in mind what kind of furniture are going into the home so everything will work together at the end.


This is the bling of the home, with so many selections, this can be a hard choice to make. Going for packages will make it easier and just focus on the main rooms where you want to make a lasting impression on your guests. If you have an open to below foyer, that will be the perfect place, another great area to bling it up is your dining room.


You have the option of going through the builder or asking for a credit and get your own appliances. However, the builder usually likes to know what type of appliances you plan to put into the home ahead of time just to make sure everything will fit, especially if you are purchasing appliances that are bigger than normal size. These could be refrigerators, style of stoves and sometimes, you may need a gas line or a makeup air unit to meet coding for higher CFM hood fans. Be sure to communicate with your sales rep regarding what appliances you planned to put into your new home.

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