A Complete Guide to Choose the Right Digital Humidifier

Digital humidifiers are a step above the traditional manual ones in that clear controls provide more and accurate information about how your unit is working. They can also alert you when there is a malfunction.

Humidity in your home is not something readily thought about. If you are like most people, when the weather turns cold, your furnace turns up. While this may make the temperature more comfortable, it also acts to lower humidity. Lower it too much and you begin to see the signs of over-dry air. Besides the physical signs that include a sore throat and an itchy nose, peeling paint, the crackle of static electricity, and the splitting of wood on your floors and furniture are also signs that your air is too dry. A good humidifier can relieve the physical discomfort caused by over-dry air and protect your home and your furniture from the damage of too little moisture. Not all humidifiers are created equal, however, and digital humidifiers are far superior to the old-fashioned manual ones of the past. You can also read this for detailed information on digital and old fashioned humidifiers.

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Digital Humidifier – What are your choices?

When it comes to the humidifier I use in my own home, I want something that is built right, made to last, and easy to use. Ease of use is important for anything I buy, or I may discontinue use of it completely. This is why I really like the digital humidifier. Easy-to-read controls not only lets me know the humidity of the air, but delivers basic information, such as when the unit is turned on when it needs maintenance, and even when it simply needs water. Digital humidifiers also have a humidistat that automatically maintains the proper level of humidity in the air.

If you have decided to purchase a digital humidifier, you will find that there are many different types on the market, both warm and cool. Each has their strong points, but you need to figure it out what is the best for you. If you want to counter cool, dry air a warm mist could be your choice. However, you need to regulate them properly to avoid making the air muggy and sticky. Cool mist humidifiers, on the other hand, produce the same humidifying effect, but without the heavy, sticky feeling of a sauna. In the past, the main drawback of a cool air humidifier was that they tended to be noisier than warm air ones. The relatively new ultrasonic digital humidifiers have now changed that. In basic terms, ultrasonic waves vibrate the water to create a cool mist. The ultrasonic technology, however, makes them nearly silent. This is perfect for when you sleep.

Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier

Ultrasonic digital humidifiers may be the best choice when it comes to cleaning too. Water tanks will absolutely grow mold and fungus if left unattended. Digital humidifier manufacturers have taken this into account, however. One such humidifier, the Germ Guardian Ultrasonic Digital Humidifier, adds nano-silver particles to the water tank to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. Another model, the Air-o-Swiss, has an Ionic Silver Stick that keeps the water clean for up to a year. Silver ions, in case you were wondering, are known for their sanitizing properties, which work similar to chlorine in destroying microorganisms. Cleaning has to be taken into consideration with any humidifier, and ultrasonic digital humidifiers make it as easy as rinsing with soap and water.

One negative note should be made on ultrasonic humidifiers: when the ultrasonic waves vaporize the water, they vaporize the minerals in the water as well. These minerals show up in a fine white dust around the area the humidifier is used. Filtered water has been suggested to avoid this, or at least control it.

Digital Humidifier Will Keep Your Home Safe and Comfortable

Dry, itchy skin is something most of us face when cool weather forces us to turn up the heat. While humidifiers, in general, may be the simple solution to this problem, digital humidifiers make the solution even simpler. Clear, easy to read controls give you immediate information and automatic features deliver the proper level of humidity to keep your home safe and comfortable. With the added ease of cleaning, digital humidifier is the best solution to low winter humidity on the market.


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